24 SLC COVID-19 letter from the editorial team

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be writing a letter from the editor to talk about a worldwide pandemic that has literally shut down not only Salt Lake County but a large portion of the entire world, I would have looked at you quizically. I have a pretty crazy imagination, but I would have told you that the world has had a couple too many pandemic/contagion/zombie stories. I wish this was only a story. 

When we started 24SLC, we wanted a site that didn’t take itself too seriously. A place you could go for date night ideas in the city and tips on redecorating your apartment for spring. And although the world feels a little more serious right now, our motivation has not changed: we want a place where we can talk about and share what we love the most about Salt Lake. We want to share things we find valuable because that is what friends do. We are locals, whether we were born here or not, and we make up a pretty cool community here in the Salt Lake Valley and beyond. 

And like any strong community, we will stand together. So we are going to continue to share things that we think are important, and timely, and fun, too! As a human race, we are super resilient. Those who came before us had their own challenges. And like them, we will come out of this stronger, and with much better hand-washing and disinfecting habits! So let’s make the most of this time and learn ALL of the activities we can do with our kids while we are trapped, er, I mean social distancing at home. Where all date-nights consist of take-out and a movie at home.  Where all vacations are SLC staycations. And those tips for redecorating your apartment for spring? We got em, and we know you have time! 

I know that some of the content previously published on the site may not be as relevant right now, considering COVID-19, social distancing and all, so please forgive us for that. In the meantime, we have added a new category for COVID-19 related content including a guide to restaurants in your area that are open for take-out and delivery. And we continue to write more every day filled with content specific to the situation that we hope you will find helpful. Please feel free to send us your ideas for anything else you would like us to write about and we can add it to our list for the future!


Jason and the 24SLC Editorial Team 

Below are some additional links to some people who really know their stuff:

  • Utah State Governement COVID-19 Website (LINK)
  • Governor Herbert “Stay Safe, Stay Home” Directive, March 27, 2020 (LINK)
  • Mayor Wilson Salt Lake County Public Health Order, March 29, 2020 (LINK)
  • World Health Organization Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public (LINK)
  • 6 ways parents can support their kids through the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak (UNICEF)
  • Center for Disease Control – Coronavirus Website (LINK)

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Jason Barber

Jason has been a pirate (Marshfield Highschool-Coos Bay, OR), is a software company founder and President (Friendemic-SLC) and is lucky enough to be a Principle and work on the editorial team at 24slc. He loves swimming, motorcycles, food, reading and more food.

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