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3 reasons to book a local hotel room today

Something came across my desk the other day that got me thinking. And the more I looked into it the more I thought, “this is something worth writing about.” And more importantly, “this is something worth doing!” Book a room at a local hotel.

COVID-19 has altered a lot of businesses, especially those in the travel and hospitality industry. Like any smart business, hotels are using a little creativity to weather the storm, and as locals, we can take advantage. Focus SLC is a local consortium of hotels that have turned to a unique business model, short-term rentals. You can learn more and book a room at Other than the local hotels listed on the Focus SLC website, many other hotels and resorts are offering similar deals, so hop online or get on the phone and start thinking a little more creatively about your next local hotel booking. To get you started, we want to share 3 reasons you should get a room today:

A Break 

I have heard more about self-care, meditation, and mental health in the past few months than in the entire year preceding COVID-19 and the resulting stay-at-home order in SLC. And for good measure! There is no play-book for navigating through a global pandemic (at least not yet) but we can all agree that if our minds and bodies are not strong, it makes things that much more challenging. One of the best ways to stay mentally fit (i.e. not lose your mind!) is to take time for yourself. Social distancing makes doing that harder than ever, and probably even more important than ever, too. Booking a hotel room is a great way to literally get away from everything for a little bit. Whether you are only able to finagle a few hours, an entire day or maybe an overnighter, a local hotel booking is a great way to take some ‘me’ time. Read a book, catch-up on Netflix without sharing the remote, or just taking a nap! Whatever you decide to do with your me-time, I think you will want to take the “do not disturb” door hanger home with you.

Get Some Work Done

Most of us are still working out of our makeshift home offices. Whether you have been quarantined by yourself or with a partner and/or kids and pets, we get that distractions are real. And if you are like me, what was once novel and “kinda fun” can quickly turn into “distracted and frustrating.” Far too many days I look at my watch only to realize that it is 2 in the afternoon and I have barely touched my daily work to-do list. Sitting in my home office it is just too easy to let my mind wander onto the most innocuous of thoughts, like where I last placed my tape measure, and before I know it my wife and I are reorganizing the garage. Or I sit down for an early morning work session with the earnest intent to ‘crank’ through a bunch of tasks, only to run into the cute but formidable obstacle of my 4 year old daughter asking me if I can help her make pancakes for breakfast. Cut to 90 minutes later and I am putting dishes into the dishwasher and my morning is half-way in the past. The logistics might not be easy, but if you can swing it, seriously look at the option of booking a room for the day to give you a place, and a shift in mindset to get some work done. 

A Staycation

This has always been a fun option for a local hotel booking. But now more than ever it is affordable, and we know you need it! Like mentioned above, sometimes something as simple as a change in scenery, even if we are talking about a hotel a few miles from your house can totally change everything. Not only are you physically removing yourself from the day-to-day, you are telling your brain to take a break because it is vacation time! Whether it is just you, or you are bringing along family members, book a room across town, pack a bag and go on a staycation! Ideas: Order room service for breakfast and go on a responsible socially distanced hike nearby. Or order a bunch of take-out and have a movie marathon with your kids! 

Another option is to put a romantic spin on your staycation and turn it into a date night opportunity!  As 24SLC writer Courtney Daybell wrote in her article 5 Ways Your Marriage/Relationship Can Survive the Coronavirus, COVID-19 has not only put a strain on the economy and our healthcare system but our relationships as well. Keeping date night alive is difficult, but important. A quick getaway with your significant other at a local hotel, away from home is a great way to spice-up your stay-at-home routine while staying socially distant. Ideas: Check-in to your room, get dressed up, and find one of the many Utah restaurants that have finally opened their doors for business and go out! Have the hotel prepare a bottle of wine or sparkling cider to cap-off the night. 

Whether booking a room at a local hotel is a one-time opportunity to recharge your batteries, or becomes a consistent strategy to telework in quiet and comfort we think it is a creative option to help us all make the most out of the current situation. Let us know what you think in the comments below (PG please)

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