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50 Things To Do When You’ve Watched All of Netflix

If the Coronavirus and all the extra time at home, maybe with kids or pets, has made your days feel endlessly long, we get it. The days still technically only have 24 hours in them, but sometimes it feels like the days are closer to, I don’t know, 40 hours. And then Netflix, with the judge-y tone when it asks, “Are you still watching?” That use of the word still. Like, “Are you actually still sitting there, in the same sweatpants, having only stood to retrieve snacks?” Yes, Netflix. We’re still watching. We know it’s been a few hours, but our to do lists have dwindled to just a few things these days. So excuse us. 

But, there may come a time when you are actually done watching. Either you’ve watched all there is to watch, or you’re just tired of sitting on the couch. We’ve compiled a list of 50 things to do when you’ve watched all the shows. 

  1. Brush up on your technology skills. Pluralsight is offering a free technology skill sharing platform for the month of April. Find details here.
  2. Read a book. Or two or three.
  3. Brush up on your podcasts.
  4. Start a garden.
  5. Take a walk.
  6. Hit a hiking trail. Use an app like AllTrails to find a trail near you.
  7. Learn a new recipe.
  8. Spring clean your house.
  9. Organize your pantry.
  10. Take an online course in a subject that interests you.
  11. Complete a puzzle.
  12. Journal or blog your experience.
  13. Try your hand at an art project. Be it watercolors, oil paints, sketching, whatever interests you.
  14. Learn to play an instrument.
  15. Teach yourself a different language.
  16. Organize your photos, or figure out a system for clearing out the 9,000 photos on your phone camera reel.
  17. Try a meditation or stillness practice.
  18. Now’s the time to up your skin care routine.
  19. Tune in to a virtual workout class.
  20. Write an actual letter. Send it to family, friends, or write a letter to your future self.
  21. Marie Kondo your closet. You know.. The one where you try on all your clothes and determine which “sparks joy”.
  22. Tackle the junk drawer. Or junk closet. Or junk room.
  23. Have an indoor camp out.
  24. Try a new hairstyle. If it looks hideous, you won’t see anyone, anyway.
  25. Try a new board game.
  26. Break out that deck of cards.
  27. Read the Harry Potter series. Cap it off by watching the movies.
  28. Build something. Use your kids’ Legos or blocks and see who can build the biggest tower.
  29. Hang out with friends, virtually. Use a video-chatting service like Google Hangouts or Zoom to connect with groups of friends.
  30. Tune into an online concert. Follow your favorite musician’s social media page to see if they’re performing through video.
  31. Take a virtual tour of cities, museums, National Parks, or aquariums.
  32. Learn to knit or crochet.
  33. Pick up some air-dry clay and create a masterpiece.
  34. Figure out the gallery wall you’ve been wanting to add for years.
  35. Put painter’s tape in geometric shapes on your driveway. Color the insides with chalk, and remove the painter’s tape. You’ll be left with cool, modern, chalk art.
  36. Speaking of painter’s tape, why not re-paint your bedroom?
  37. Dust your baseboards. Run a dryer sheet over them to repel dust.
  38. Clean out the inside of your car. Turn on the hose, and give the outside a good scrub, too.
  39. Write your will/organize your affairs.
  40. Rearrange the furniture in your room.
  41. Visit a family history website and learn about your ancestors. 
  42. Finish your taxes.
  43. Build a cardboard castle.
  44. Download an astronomy map and do some amateur star-gazing. 
  45. Learn how to make a short, stop-motion video.
  46. Pick something you’d like to learn about and spend 30 minutes researching it.
  47. Venture into the world of TikTok.
  48. Play your own version of “Chopped”. Pick an obscure item from the pantry and make it a requirement in a dish. 
  49. Go through that pile of mail that’s been building on your kitchen counter.
  50. Take a nap.

Days at home can be long and lackluster, and some of these things aren’t fun in the tradition sense. Looking at you, #39. But the fact is, we have some time to check things off the to-do list that maybe wouldn’t get done otherwise. We want to know, what have been some of your favorite things to do at home? How have you been staying sane? Share your tips below!

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Courtney Daybell

Courtney Daybell is a wife and has three kids, three years old and under. After a hiatus, she is excited to be writing again, and enjoys sharing some of Salt Lake’s finer things with 24SLC readers. She enjoys Diet Coke, true crime podcasts and is on a quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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