Glazed and Not So Confused: Best Doughnut Shops In Salt Lake

Brunch on Saturday mornings is great when you don’t have kids, and I’m not saying kids ruined it, but I am saying a leisurely Saturday brunch was a lot easier before they came into the picture. But a Saturday morning doughnut run is something we can really get behind. We’ve scoured Salt Lake Valley to find the best of the best. Whether they’re fried, baked, filled or topped, these sweet shops are sure to satisfy your doughnut loving heart.

Darla’s Donuts

Named after the owner, Darla Milligan, this doughnut shop is a must on your donut journey. The doughnut connoisseur Darla herself rises early every morning to mix, shape, bake and fry her delectables to perfection. The sweet shop offers a menu of tried and true favorites, regular glazed, chocolate frosted and maple bars, but also some specialty items unique to Darla’s, like the root beer float, or the croissant sticks. 

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Donut Star

Gone are the days of doughnuts being a breakfast-only food, and Donut Star is one of the only local doughnut shops to cater to the late doughnut craving crowd. Closed only three days out of the year (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter), Donut Star is the go-to shop for all-hours cravings. Make sure to try their Buttermilk Bar, the Bear Claw, or the now famous Cronut, a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.

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Donut Boy

With 2+ pages of options, this gourmet doughnut shop boasts traditional favorites as well as unique flavor combinations, like White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake or Nutella Oreo. Our favorite? Try the Bacon Maple Bar. An updated take on an old classic will leave you hankering for more. 

Donut Boy

Banbury Cross

A long-time Salt Lake favorite, and for good reason. If you know the yellow box with the burgundy rocking horse, you know. Locals love this hot-spot for their wide selection of delectable doughnuts, vanilla with sprinkles, white cake, Bavarian, the beloved maple bar… We’re here for all of it. Despite being fried, these sweet treats manage to remain light and airy, and mouth-wateringly delicious. 

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The Big O Doughnuts

Let’s just get the elephant out of the room: These plant-based donuts, taste anything but plant-based. Read: They’re delicious. All the doughnuts are made without eggs, butter, or other animal products, and are fried in palm oil. A menu full of exotic flavors like Blueberry Lavender, Orange Cardamom, or Rosemary Brown Sugar, yields melt-in-your-mouth delicious donuts. We especially love the Churro donut.

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What is your favorite doughnut shop? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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