Here is why you need to be thrifting

I recently got a compliment on a pair of shorts to which my reply was “thank you, I cut them myself.” The girl then asked the brand they were, and I wasn’t entirely sure. I got them a couple of years ago in a thrift store. 

Being cheap AND a poor college student I learned that if I wanted something I could probably find it for literal pennies at a thrift store. I loved getting compliments on my vintage things, so thrifting became a permanent practice. Over the years I’ve realized that there were way more reasons that we should all be thrifting, and I’m going to share them with you. 

Environmentally Friendly

Thrift shopping is nice for the planet. Bottles and cans aren’t your only option recycling options people, you can recycle your clothes and furniture! When you buy a previously owned item you are eliminating waste. Go you! One aspect of thrifting is donating, so make sure that you do your part and donate your old items to your local thrift shops. 


This is perhaps the most well known benefit of thrifting. You can get a bag of clothes from a thrift store for the same price as a single item at a different store. You can try out different styles with less guilt, and when you get an item that you don’t wear a lot it’s okay because it was maybe like five dollars. 

Higher Quality

People get rid of their high quality stuff too ya know. When thrifting you can find items that are in your price range, but are higher quality than what you would find in your price range elsewhere. You can buy and refurbish beautiful furniture for less than what you would ever be able to find at a furniture store. You don’t have to compromise quality because of price when you are thrifting. 


There is a wide and interesting variety of things you can find in a thrift store. The amount of random pieces makes a more unique style for you. You know that nobody will be wearing what you’re wearing because it’s from the 70’s. How fun is it to go try on clothes that were in style before you were even born? Old styles always come back, and you can find original pieces when you thrift. 


Sometimes I find a piece that I love, but because it is from a different era I feel it needs some adjustments. Whether this be hemming some paints or grinding and restaining a table, it is all worth it. And the fact that it was done by your own sweet hands makes it ten times better. You get bragging rights with your guests and also a cool table! 

Doesn’t reading this article make you want to refurbish an old bookshelf? Me too. It’s fair to say that you should start thrifting. Not that you should never buy a new purse or dress, but maybe next time you have an itch to go shopping first look at what you can find thrifting. 

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Rachael Andreasen

Rachael is a current student at Utah Valley University, where she will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Communications. She is a lover of learning, animals, traveling, her family, and food. She is afraid of open water, bears, skin cancer, and driving in the snow. Rachael is a current writer for 24 slc, where she gets to write about what she loves.

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