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Making the Most of Social Distancing with Technology

Social distancing can seem like a lot. Sometimes, it can be a bit of a drag. But using technology can help it seem like less of a drag (and we’re not just talking about binging Netflix by yourself!).


Of course, there are the Zoom memes and jokes going around. Though Zoom has been a thing for a while, it has definitely gained popularity while social distancing. A lot of companies have adopted Zoom to help them keep up with staff meetings and the like. But Zoom isn’t just for work. It can also help you keep in touch with friends. Have a game night over Zoom by pulling up Scattergories, Boggle, or some other game you can play from a computer screen. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and call up a friend for a virtual coffee date. Read a story to your nieces, nephews, grandkids, etc. over Zoom. The possibilities are endless, and they help you connect with others and feel a little less alone.

Netflix Party

Netflix started this feature in light of COVID-19. It’s a Google Chrome extension that lets you and your friends watch Netflix together. With this feature, you can all watch a show or movie at the same time, and there’s even a way to type comments to each other, so you won’t miss out on the snarky commentary that comes with watching a movie with your friends. Even at a distance, you can still have a movie night.

Google Classroom

A lot of you are already using this, or something similar. Google Classroom is how a lot of schools are keeping up with classes. Teachers can create classes for their students, as well as putting up assignments for students to do, and keeping in touch by posting comments and holding video conferences. It’s a handy program to keep kids learning and keeping up with school while they’re at home.


Although most libraries are closed for the time being, you can still support your local library (and you should!). Most libraries offer online services such as lending of ebooks and audiobooks for free. If you’re sick of rewatching HIMYM on Hulu for the hundredth time this month, maybe check out a book. There are also a ton of apps and websites that let you listen to podcasts for free. With audiobooks and podcasts, you can even learn something new while you’re stuck inside.


Speaking of learning something new, YouTube has videos about just about anything you might want to learn about. Cooking, making your own clothes, painting, etc. Anything that sparks your interest. YouTube isn’t just funny videos anymore, although there are plenty of those to keep you laughing!

There are lots of ways to use technology to your advantage while you’re social distancing. Isolating doesn’t have to mean that you’re isolated. Technology can help us stay connected with each other. How are you using technology to get through social distancing? Tell us in the comments!

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Heather Linde

Heather Linde is a writer and a teaching assistant for at-risk and state custody students. She plays roller derby, and volunteers with the Harry Potter Alliance and the Girls on Track Foundation. In her free time, she writes, eats entirely too many cookies, stares at the moon too much, and hangs out with her pet snake, Persephone.

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