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Quarantine Hobbies

While social distancing, it’s easy to get bored really fast. You can only watch New Girl so many times before it starts getting old. Right now, we’ve got nothing but time. That makes it the perfect time to brush up on some hobbies that you can do without leaving your house.


With just some yarn and a needle or two, you can create some real works of art. Between online ordering and curbside pickup at some craft stores, it’s easy to get the supplies you need to start crocheting or knitting. There are a ton of free patterns available online, and YouTube has video tutorials for pretty much any stitch you care to learn. You can make clothes, stuffed animals, and so much more.


It’s easy to decide to just sit on the couch all day when you’ve got nowhere to go. But if you want to keep moving in the comfort of your own home, yoga might be the thing to try. There are plenty of videos online, from beginner yoga, to weight loss yoga, to yoga with kids, and more. Some yoga studios are even providing classes online if you want to pay the membership fee. Grab a mat, or even just a towel, and get moving.


Writing is a handy hobby when you’re stuck inside because it takes very little to get started. All you need is a pen and some paper, or a computer, and it’s off to the races. If you’re really stuck, you can find classes or writing prompts online, but all you really need is your own imagination. A world of poetry, short stories, fiction, and more can be open to you.


If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at gardening, but you’ve never had the time, we’ve got good news for you. You probably have the time now. This particular hobby is a little more labor-intensive, and it needs a few more supplies to get started, but this could be the time to try it. It can be as simple as a few herbs in the windowsill, to a full vegetable garden in the backyard. Whatever you choose to do, watching something grow is pretty satisfying.


Speaking of satisfying, there are few things as satisfying as eating something you’ve made yourself. Being inside all day every day is a good opportunity to try out some new recipes. One of the big quarantine trends has been to make sourdough bread or banana bread, but really, you can make anything you’ve been wanting to try. If you’ve held off on trying that new recipe because of the time requirement, now is a good time to devote some time to making something tasty.

Learn a New Language

Thanks to technology, it’s super easy to start learning a new language. All you need is the time. And social distancing offers a lot of it. Duolingo has 35 languages available to learn, and you can download it free, right onto your phone. There are also other apps and programs that you can use as well. Dream about the trips you want to take once isolation is over, and learn a new language to prepare for it. 

Social distancing can’t last forever. But while it is lasting, use that time to learn a new skill, or develop a new hobby. We’ll get through this, and then you’ll have something to show off to your friends. Are you learning a new skill, or developing a pre-existing hobby? Tell us in the comments below!

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Heather Linde

Heather Linde is a writer and a teaching assistant for at-risk and state custody students. She plays roller derby, and volunteers with the Harry Potter Alliance and the Girls on Track Foundation. In her free time, she writes, eats entirely too many cookies, stares at the moon too much, and hangs out with her pet snake, Persephone.

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