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Stuck at home date night ideas

for when the kids are (FINALLY) asleep

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t go out. There are lots of activities available to help you spice things up or spend alone time with your spouse from the comforts of home, even things you can do to help your community in the process.

Here are five stay-at-home date night ideas for when the kids are finally asleep and you want quality one-on-one time with your significant other.

Have an at-home spa and massage night

You know that couples spa day you’ve been wanting to try for years? While you might not be able to leave the house right now to get one, you can set up your own spa and massage night at home!

Lower your lights and play some relaxing music—Spotify has several spa and massage playlists you can choose from. If you have a diffuser, fill your home with the smell of lavender or eucalyptus, something relaxing that will set the mood. Put on your comfiest robes, gather together some face masks and scrubs, and fill the tub with bubbles for a relaxing night in.

There are plenty of websites like this one that can teach you how to give your loved one a relaxing massage, which is something we all need at times like these.

Takeout and a Movie 

A plethora of streaming services and delivery options make the classic dinner and a movie date easily mimicable at home. Call ahead to your favorite restaurant and order curbside takeout, or order a meal through apps like DoorDash, GrubHub, or Uber Eats. A lot of delivery fees are waived due to COVID-19, and this is a great way to help local restaurants get through the next few weeks if you (or they) are not ready for a dine-in adventure. 

Once you’ve got a meal, light a few candles, play some ambient tunes in the background, and wala. You’ve got an in-house restaurant. Follow dinner up with a movie of your choice from your movie collection or a streaming service, then snuggle up and enjoy. You might even make yourself a bucket of popcorn to share.

Travel to a romantic destination — virtually 

Choose a destination you’d love to travel to, like Italy or Spain, then have a date night themed around that destination. Make a dessert or late night dinner from the country of your choice. Play music you’d hear there and dance in your living room. Print out some photographs or project them onto your wall to capture some of the scenery from the place you choose. Watching a foreign film from the country of your choice is also optional. 

Have a game night group date

A fun way to involve other couples in your at-home date night is to host a virtual game night! Gather your friends together, set up a facetime or Zoom conference-call, and have fun! There are several games to choose from that can be played over video with a little bit of ingenuity and adjustment.

One option is to set up a Jackbox Party Game like Quiplash and screen share it with your group. Other games you can play include Codenames, Scattergories, Bingo, and Qwixx. 

If a group date isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of two-person games you can play at home, too.

Go “camping” 

You don’t need the great outdoors to go camping, just a bit of creativity. Light your fireplace and make some s’mores. Set some sleeping bags and maybe a mattress on the floor then tell each other spooky stories with your faces over some flashlights. Create a makeshift tent and maybe roast some hotdogs or hamburgers. You can even spray some bug spray and play some nature sounds for effect.

Have a paint night

Pull out the arts and crafts and get creative! Try a Bob Ross tutorial or do your own thing. Maybe try painting a portrait of each other or recreating a famous piece of art. Get messy with some finger or body paint. There are lots of ways you and your loved one can get creative at home. You can also make some of your favorite drinks to enjoy while you do it.

Learn something new together

Thanks to YouTube, craft stores, and books, there are lots of fun and interesting hobbies you and your spouse can try together for an at-home date-night. Learn a fun new dance from YouTube. Purchase the ingredients for a challenging recipe you can make together. Order art or sewing supplies from Michaels to get in touch with your creative side

With a little imagination, there are lots of ways you can have a great date night, in. Have any other fun stay-in date night ideas? Please share them in the comments!

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