Mother’s Day Round Up: Coronavirus Style

Celebrating during these times can be complicated, and yet, celebrations are continuing. Graduations, birthdays and Mother’s Day are all events to be remembered, even during a pandemic. We’ve compiled some of our favorite activities and a few gift ideas to celebrate the women in your life, no matter your location. See some of our recommendations below! 

Support Local

If you can, support a local business. Pick up a bunch of fresh stems from your local florist, or your mom’s favorite scones from the bakery down the street. If her favorite boutique is closed, check about purchasing a gift card for her to use at a later time. An unexpected delivery, whether it’s a new sweater or a box of her favorite, fresh-baked oversized cookies, is always a welcome surprise, and a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.

Brunch Bunch

If you’ve been baking like never before, take a break and opt for a take-out option of curbside delivery. Switch the carry-out boxes for pretty patterned plates for an added touch of elegance. (Or don’t, and save the cleanup.) Up the ante and soak up some vitamin D with a picnic spread, weather permitting. We guarantee, she’ll just be glad to have a reprieve from dishes for one meal of the day. 

Bespoke Gifts

Take it from a mom; all we really want for Mother’s Day is a few minutes of quiet. But the handmade touches always hold a place in our hearts. A bouquet of fresh flowers from the yard, a family walk, a homemade card. We don’t need anything fancy. A half-hour alone to listen to our favorite podcast, read a few chapters from a book, or a long soak in a bubble bath is all we’re really looking for. 

This year, we’re wishing all the moms a few moments of peace and quiet…If that even exists during quarantined home-schooling. How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Share in the comments below!

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Courtney Daybell

Courtney Daybell is a wife and has three kids, three years old and under. After a hiatus, she is excited to be writing again, and enjoys sharing some of Salt Lake’s finer things with 24SLC readers. She enjoys Diet Coke, true crime podcasts and is on a quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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