Things only Utahns will Understand

If you’re from Utah and you’re reading this, you’ll understand everything. If not, you should probably pay attention. Utah is a place of unique culture. We have a big student population, a large volume of religious individuals, and we have some dang cowboys. This makes for some pretty interesting personality traits. 

The Cowboy Accents

Why is it that owning a hunting license gives you an accent? Honestly, I like it. I cannot say that this is only a Utah thing. Maybe all cowboys have a slight accent, maybe it just comes with the territory. But we Utahns know that our brothers in camo say crick instead of creek and hunner instead of hunter.

“Closed on Sundays”

The rest of the world can be quiet about Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sundays. Sunday’s in Utah are so quiet even the construction usually halts. Mall’s close, restaurants shut down, and stores lock their doors. But hey, at least there is no traffic.


Sometimes I trip or drop something and I blurt out the work “fetch.” If you were to say fetch anywhere else in the world people would be wondering if you were holding a bone and where your dog was, but not in Utah. We know what it means, we know when to use it, and I know I don’t even need to explain it. 

Church Ball

No not the movie, the real thing. Even if you have never played basketball in a church gymnasium you still know what I am talking about. If you have never played basketball in a church gym I bet you’ve been in one for a missionary farewell. 

Two Major Holidays in July

In Utah, the red white and blue t-shirts don’t get packed away after the fourth of July. Pioneer day is for some “pie & beer day” and for others it is a celebration of Utah being settled by the pioneers. Regardless, it’s a day off of work for everyone. 

The Great Salt Lake

Why, why does the Great Salt Lake look like a beautiful beach? It’s not fair! All Utahns know that the GSL has no fish, it stinks, and the beach is not nice. But if you’re from Utah you also know the the GSL has the most beautiful sunsets. I guess we’ll take what we can get. 

Taking it To the DI

On behalf of all Utahns, I would like to thank the DI for giving me a place to take my old stuff. Sometimes you don’t want to throw away pieces of your past, or you feel like your stuff should go to someone else who really needs it. The DI is that place. It is also a place to update your wardrobe on the cheap, find a new (new for you) credenza for the living room and your Halloween costume all at one place. Either way, we love the DI. 

Talking about your states quirks always brings about a good time. Utah has such a funny personality! How can you not laugh about “Utah people working together” and feel defensive when it comes to fry sauce? We love our mountains, our sunsets, the Jazz (when they win), our white Christmases, and going to St. George for the weekend. Ahh Utah, what a great place to be. 

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Rachael Andreasen

Rachael is a current student at Utah Valley University, where she will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Communications. She is a lover of learning, animals, traveling, her family, and food. She is afraid of open water, bears, skin cancer, and driving in the snow. Rachael is a current writer for 24 slc, where she gets to write about what she loves.

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