Check out these easy ways to spruce up your home this spring

Every season brings about changes. The weather, the bugs, the activities, and the styles. Whether you’re in your mansion on the hill or a fixer-upper, you will never be immune to what goes in and out of style. Here are a few simple tips to help you spruce up your living space this spring.


Wallpaper is back everyone. Wallpaper can add different patterns, colors, and textures to your home, and the best part is you can do it yourself! Keep in mind that wallpaper is different than paint, therefore you should always do your research before choosing it for your home. I was able to go to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes and many of these incredible houses utilized wallpaper. Either now or in the future, you should definitely check out the new wallpaper styles that are ‘in’ now. 

Flowers and plants

Sometimes our tastes change, or we are not looking for permanent changes. Plants and flowers, inside or outside, are an easy way to add some glam to your home. The best part is you can switch them out and change them up as often as you want. Remember, plants have needs. If you don’t want to learn the needs of your plants then maybe you want to skip this one, or go for a nice plastic one. For the responsible plant owner, however, head to your local nursery and find some exotic plants for centerpieces, hanging decorations, or something to add to your shelf. 

Decorative pillows

Decorative pillows, like plants, can be interchangeable. You can refresh your home every season or holiday by going out and getting a few new pillows that match your home, style, and the season. Pillows look great on patio furniture, couches, beds, and any sort of bench or seat that you have in your home.

A new rug

Maybe you don’t like your floors or your carpet is worn out, or maybe you just know that a rug is exactly what your room needs. Match your new rug to your new throw pillows and you have completely transformed a room. You can put a rug ANYWHERE. You can layer rugs, or even hang them on the wall. The styles of rugs they make now are so plentiful that you are sure to find one to match your home and the vision you have for your new room. 

Invest in nice cleaning products

The nicer your cleaning products, the cleaner your home. The cleaner your home, the nicer it looks. Not to mention higher quality products are often safer to use in your home and on your things. AND if you spend more money on your cleaning products you are probably going to feel like you need to use them more. 


All I’m saying here is lightbulbs. Or drawing the curtains and opening the blinds. And maybe a new lamp. We’ve all been in a room where the lighting makes us sad. Don’t let your homes’ lighting make people sad. Good lighting makes everything look better, including people. Lighting can set the mood just right or even go as far as make a room look bigger! Don’t forget about the lighting people. 

Rearrange your furniture

Easy peasy. Don’t lift too heavy, get some help if you need. Move your bed, that chair, your couch, a table, just move some stuff. Make room to add a plant in the corner (see: “Flowers and Plants”) This just makes the whole room feel new. 

White paint

White is in. You don’t like your cabinets? Paint em white. Front door looking out of date? Add some white paint. Feel like your house is in need of a major update? Throw some paint on the exterior. White paint is looking so good these days. White paint is easy to paint over if you decide later you want to change it, but it’s also pretty timeless? White paint is clean and brightens whatever it is on. It is easy to match in case you later want to redecorate. I am here for this white paint trend! Buy an old dresser and paint it white! White paint. That’s all. 

Get your carpets cleaned

Either hire out or rent the tools and do it yourself, just make sure you don’t neglect your carpets. Clean carpets don’t only make your home look better but they make your home feel better. Dirty carpet has the ability to make a spotless house feel dingy. Plus, we all love the feeling of freshly cleaned carpets. Just remember that regular cleaning and grooming of your carpets will increase the lifetime of your carpet, and it feels better on your toes. 

Clean out your garage

Here is your reminder. This is the sign you have been looking for. It is time to clean out your garage. You know it will make you feel so much better. When you clean and get rid of all of the unnecessary crap that lives in your garage you have room for more crap that you have been storing in your house. But really, cleaning your garage should be a yearly thing. You will probably find something that you have lost and you will definitely feel better. 

Whether you are doing it for summer parties, to feel better about the space you’re in, or finally getting around to renovations. Fixing up your home is fun! You feel better after. Plus you can see the fruits of your labor. Pick one, or pick them all, and get to work!

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Rachael Andreasen

Rachael is a current student at Utah Valley University, where she will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Communications. She is a lover of learning, animals, traveling, her family, and food. She is afraid of open water, bears, skin cancer, and driving in the snow. Rachael is a current writer for 24 slc, where she gets to write about what she loves.

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