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11 Indoor Activities To Do As a Family

It can be a little bit difficult to keep the kids entertained, especially if it’s too or cold, or rainy, or snowy or all the above to go outside. It is wintertime in Utah after all. Being inside can cause a little bit of cabin fever.

Fortunately, we have your back. Here’s a list of family activities that you can do indoors, that can be fun for people of all ages. Say goodbye to cabin fever, at least for a little while.

1. Pillow Forts

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Gather up pillows, couch cushions, blankets, and see how big of a fort you can make together. There’s nothing like a cozy hideaway with your family, particularly when the weather outside is frightful.

2. Picnic

Your kids will think it’s a special treat to be able to eat on the floor in the living room, rather than at the kitchen table. To save from any carpet catastrophe, lay down a blanket you don’t mind getting dirty. Bonus points if you let the kids watch a movie with you while they eat.

3. Spy Training

Nothing is cooler than being a spy. This has a lot of room for your own twist. You can tape yarn across the hallway to make lasers they have to climb through, make your own spy equipment like binoculars out of toilet paper rolls, or make an obstacle course. Let them be real spy kids.

4. Storytelling

This can be as simple as reading a book together. One of my fondest memories is reading the Harry Potter books with my family as a kid. If you want to give it a little more flair, make up a story together. Take turns adding to it, until you have a complete story. You can even act out a familiar tale.

5. Bake

If you have the type of family who has a sweet tooth, let them help you make something sweet. Younger kids can help measure out things like chocolate chips, while older kids will feel very important being trusted with eggs and the like. And everyone loves a chance to lick the bowl.

6. Color/Paint/Draw

Let your artistic side out. If your kids are a little younger, break out the coloring books and crayons. If they’re a little older, lay down some newspaper and let them paint. At the end of it, you could have an art show where everyone gets a chance to present their work.

7. Write Letters

There’s a good chance there’s someone in your life who would love to get some mail from your family. This could be grandma, a family friend, or even a letter to each other. If you’re feeling artistic, you could even throw in some original artwork. Show some love to someone near or far.

8. Games

Games can mean anything from board games to card games, to even video games. The world is your oyster. This is a chance to pull out the game that the kids are always begging to play, but takes forever to get through. Or you could play a quick game of go fish. Whatever floats your boat. 

9. Dress Up

This is a possibility, even if you don’t have dedicated “dress-up clothes”. Put on some fun music and have a fashion show. Let your kids pick out your outfit and rock it. If you’re feeling really brave, you can even let your kids try on some of your old clothes.

10. Movie Night

Another classic. Pop some popcorn, pull out some comfy blankets, and have a movie night. Introduce your family to some new favorites, or go with an old standard. Whatever you choose, enjoy yourself.

11. Dance Party

Sometimes, it feels good to just move. So, move! Throw on your favorite music and have a ball. Even if you don’t think you can dance, your family will have fun trying new moves, and maybe even making up some new ones.

Have Fun!

It’s not always ideal to be stuck inside. But there are ways to have fun with your family, even if you can’t go out. And no matter what you choose to do, doing it as a family will make some great memories.

What are your favorite indoor activities to do with your family? Tell us in the comments below!

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Heather Linde

Heather Linde is a writer and a teaching assistant for at-risk and state custody students. She plays roller derby, and volunteers with the Harry Potter Alliance and the Girls on Track Foundation. In her free time, she writes, eats entirely too many cookies, stares at the moon too much, and hangs out with her pet snake, Persephone.

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